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Dover Cliffs

Great Natural Walks in the UK

Now that the weather is stabilising a little, with less chance of rain – in theory you may want an excuse to get out this coming bank holiday weekend and make good use of the weather that’s to come, this coming weekend is set to be a pretty nice weekend so getting out for a walking trip amongst some of the most impressive and natural sights in the UK, featuring a number of national parks that retain natural and untouched beauty.

festival guide

Music Festival Stopover Guide

If you’re a big music fan and are looking for somewhere reasonable to stay that won’t break the bank the Days Inn can offer a choice of quality venues across the country. We’ve suggested a few places located near some of our branches, recommending some of the best gigs worth visiting around some of the best venues in the country


The Days Inn Choice

When it comes to selecting a place to stopover for the night if you’re on a business trip or en-route on a long journey, convenience and affordability are the key factors in your decision-making. The Days Inn brand is a brand you can trust, our selection of roadside and service station hotels are located throughout some of the busiest and most used roads in the country, meaning that a Days Inn hotel is never too far away from your on-going commute.


Kent for Wildlife

Days Inn have a number of hotels located throughout the country, including the Kent area. If you wanted something to entertain the children as well as having a little treat in store for adults then consider the large number of days out that can be enjoyed with animals and wildlife.

UK weather

The Warmest Part of the UK

The UK is a relatively large place when you consider the amount of people living on the British Isles. Looking at how small the country is we can still experience a large difference in weather and climate from one end of the country to another, we’ve labelled below some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to chase a bit of sun. The are based around UK mainland locations and places that exhibit the highest average temperatures of the year.

uk holiday

Why a Staycation is a Good Idea in 2015

During the 70’s there was a boom in people going a little further afield for a holiday, with many people taking holiday time on the continent, sampling new foods and taking in a bit of new and interesting cultures. Although it’s relatively cheap now to go abroad it’s becoming increasingly popular staying in the UK, it seems like our travel habits have gone full circle and it’s becoming increasingly popular to stay in the UK.

May Day

May Day Stay Away

With the Easter holiday recently finishing, the last thing that may be on your mind is another trip away with the children, organising them and trying to remember everything to take with you. The great part about it being May is the fact we have 2 more bank holidays, one on the 4th and one on the 25th of May. We’re also a little closer to the warmer weather and Summer period of the year increasing the likelihood of a sunny day.

skegness donkey

Warm Weather for the Beach over the Easter Holidays

If you’ve managed to get the time off from work recently over the Easter half-term holiday, or you have the kids in tow, there are some top destinations to go to throughout the UK to make best use of the weather. Today and tomorrow are expecting to see temperature ranging from 15 degree Celsius up to 20. This is great as typically the average temperature for April is around 12-13 degrees. We’ve suggested a few beaches worth exploring on the east coast of the UK.


Seaside Visits from Days Inn

It’s reaching that time of year when a small outing or day trip to the seaside may be on the cards. If you live quite far away from the sea, or you don’t get to see it much or on the other hand you are en route to a different part of the country but want a short stopover, we’ve suggested a few places worth a visit, located near our accommodation.

dogs and holidaying

Spring Time - Perfect for Dog Walking

The winter makes for a grim time to go outside for a walk with the dog, with not too many hours of daylight and a lot of cold, windy and wet weather, the responsibility of taking the dog out over the late autumn and winter months can seem like a very uncomfortable chore. Like a lot of dog owners you may just like the great outdoors and having a dog with you just gives you a little company.