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We bring you the latest news from all our Days Inn Hotel locations across the UK.

hideway beaches

Top Hide Away Beaches

Broad Sands - North Devon 

A double fronted cove, turquoise waters and sea caves you can swim to. Scramble to the top of the island look-out and keep watch for pirates. There are rarely visitors to this beach – the steep steps seem to keep all but the most intrepid away. Explore to the south, past Turks Cave, to reach Golden Cove too 


Top Places to Take the Bike Out

July and August is typically the best time of year to get on the bicycle with warm weather and still pretty light nights, it’s an excellent time to jump on the bike and go off somewhere. This is also the time of year where you’re more likely to have the children due to the school holidays, so we’ve suggested the best family friendly routes around the UK, where you’ll be safe with the children going at your own pace.

children playing

Things to Do if Staying at Watford Gap

If you’re stopping off at our Watford Gap services hotel this coming summer holiday for a couple of days en route to your destination and you were stuck on figuring out something to do with the children, we’ve suggested a few things to do around the Northampton area that can help keep them entertained for a few hours or the whole day. 

July Pic

Events Happening in July in the UK

We've put together a few events taking place throughout the month of July, with a mix of festivals and fun for all ages and families, if you're choosing a staycation or a visitor from overseas these are some of the events worth considering this July. 


Taking a Road Trip this Summer?

After recently celebrating the longest day of the year, this it the best time of year to make good use of the longer summer nights that we have been gifted, meaning more time outside enjoying the warm evenings. If you were looking to take the car out for a short drive, or wanted to go for a spontaneous trip away when the children break up from school 

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Top UK Events in June

June is a great time of year throughout the country as the weather is typically more consistent and many places around the UK are celebrating with galas and summer fetes or are spending more time in the outdoors as summer is a great excuse to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Beer Festival

Beer Festivals Taking Place in the UK

If you’re heading on travelling within the UK sometime this summer, and looking to enjoy yourself with a few local ales, based around various locations throughout the country, featuring ales from large and small breweries.

dog car

Dog Walking Beaches UK

Now that the weather is improving for the year you may be tempted to take more day trips out with the dog, but some of the most popular destinations for beaches in the UK have certain restrictions on walking dogs during certain times of year.

Dover Cliffs

Great Natural Walks in the UK

Now that the weather is stabilising a little, with less chance of rain – in theory you may want an excuse to get out this coming bank holiday weekend and make good use of the weather that’s to come, this coming weekend is set to be a pretty nice weekend so getting out for a walking trip amongst some of the most impressive and natural sights in the UK, featuring a number of national parks that retain natural and untouched beauty.

festival guide

Music Festival Stopover Guide

If you’re a big music fan and are looking for somewhere reasonable to stay that won’t break the bank the Days Inn can offer a choice of quality venues across the country. We’ve suggested a few places located near some of our branches, recommending some of the best gigs worth visiting around some of the best venues in the country